About The Therapist


The awareness of my journey started with a spinal injury and
the search for a fully restorative treatment. After allopathic and osteopathic treatments failed to provide a full return to functionality, it became apparent that the physical injury had elements to it that were not addressed by purely physical techniques.

This started a 20 year journey of self discovery to get to the root cause of the injury. This journey has taken me through training in a number of different areas, sweat lodges to heal the past, psychic / intuitive classes to train the mind to listen, healing heart circles to open the heart, counseling skills training and training as an actor to bring awareness of thought, feeling and belief in actions.

Training as a holistic masseur over three years and then in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release over two years has enabled me to further experience how these theories work in relation to the body. Continuing research led to my current understanding that every illness or injury has a healing lesson from the sub-conscious, and if this can be deciphered for the conscious mind, the whole person can engage in healing and evolvement in to a more content person.

I am now working through older injuries I sustained that I now recognise hold the key to greater self understanding and a true sense of power, as well as looking into how astrology can cast light on the inner journey of healing.

Keir Howeld

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