Craniosacral therapy is a manual therapy that addresses problems of postural disruption from injury or trauma that the body has been unable to self-heal.

This disruption can lead to habitual soft-tissue tension, loss of nerve function, uneven wear on vertebra, diminishment of organ function, and poor recovery from stress.

The memories of these traumas can be sensed in the rate, amplitude, symmetry and quality of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the dura, and register in the body as posture distortion or stress, restricted movement, and localised heat or cold.

Through light touch and intuitive listening skills these disruptions to the natural body rhythm are found and the body is assisted to release the trauma and return to health.

The treatment works alongside conventional medical treatments and because the pace of change is set by the client it leaves them feeling grounded and calm.

Change can be immediate or can be gradually felt over the next few days after the treatment, and sometimes as much as a month later. Small changes in posture can translate into large changes in the clients sense of balance, pain relief, restored function, and overall sense of health.

A number of treatments may be needed in order to get to the root cause of the disruption, this is dependent on the client and the rate of release and as such is different for each individual.

Treatment takes place on a couch fully clothed. A full history is taken at the start of the treatment and advice is given on post treatment self-care.

Because it is such a gentle treatment it is suitable for newborns, the elderly, post surgery or dental work and for the highly stressed.

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Conditions that can be helped by Craniosacral Therapy:

  1. Bullet Asthma and Allergies

  2. Bullet Back pain, sciatica, spinal problems     and whiplash injuries.

  3. Bullet Birth trauma, for the baby and for the mother, pre and post pregnancy.

  4. Bullet Child behavioural problems, such as
    hyperactivity and ADHD.

  5. Bullet Autism.

  6. Bullet Depression, anxiety and emotional problems

  7. Bullet Digestive problems, such as IBS, constipation, and Crohn's disease.

  8. Bullet Gynaecological conditions, such as  heavy or painful periods, infertility and fibroids.

  9. Bullet Headaches and migraines.

  10. Bullet Hormonal imbalances.

  11. Bullet Joint problems, such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee injuries, etc

  12. Bullet Newborn problems, including colic, feeding problems and sleep-related conditions

  13. Bullet Post-dental trauma, temporo- mandibular joint problems and jaw disorders.

  14. Bullet Post-operative conditions.

  15. Bullet Stress-related conditions.

  16. Bullet Tiredness and exhaustion including chronic fatigue and ME.

Craniosacral Therapy