Intuitive Coaching is a new treatment developed through helping clients through the blocking beliefs and mental confusion that can lead to a sense of stress and powerlessness. It is tailored to your particular concerns and what lies at the root of them.

You are encouraged to simply discuss what it is that is troubling you, but you are more than simply listened to. I engage highly developed listening and intuitive skills to assist you to find a path through the maze that has kept you in a state of dis-ease or powerlessness, to the point where you can see not only clear daylight but also see how the maze developed and why. This new vision can then enable you to tackle any future problems with the knowledge and experience of how to free yourself in future.

Treatment is clothed and seated - just like having a conversation but more incisive, healing and freeing.

Treatments can be for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.


Conditions that can be helped by

Intuitive Coaching:

  1. Bullet Feeling stuck

  2. Bullet Repeating negative patterns

  3. Bullet Feeling powerless in any situation

  4. Bullet Not fulfilling your potential

  5. Bullet Low self esteem

  6. Bullet Depression

  7. Bullet Anxiety/Panic

Intuitive Coaching