About Intuitive Touch Therapy

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Intuitive Touch Therapy is a unique combination of treatments, tailor-made for you, calling on the extensive skills of massage, CranioSacral Therapy, coaching, Reiki, postural analysis and stress management techniques. Keir works with empathy, compassion and excellent intuitive and listening skills.

In practice this means that Keir is sensitive to the subtle body signals and disrupted energy that dis-ease and illness give off, enabling the true causes of tension or conflict to be found immediately. It enables you to take an active role in your own healing and helps you to see the injury or stress in a different, more helpful light, allowing you to comfortably integrate postural changes and different attitudes that will assist your healing in your own time. The treatments are transformative, always beneficial and health giving. This therapy enables a more productive session with less resurgence of symptoms and has only positive side effects.

During the treatment you will gain a better understanding of the root cause of your illness or stress, and will be supported in understanding your ability to resolve it fully. Incorporating the philosophy that the body is our compassionate teacher not our saboteur, Intuitive Touch Therapy empowers you to make the changes you choose and to work in harmony with your body’s wisdom at a pace that is in tune with your needs.

Please see the individual treatment components for an idea of the conditions that have responded to Intuitive Touch Therapy.

Intuitive Touch Therapy

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