This treatment makes use of Swedish Massage techniques, Pulsing and Thai Yoga massage techniques, my own Mini Pulse and Micro Pulse techniques, visualisation and breathing techniques.

Each session is tailored specifically to your needs after an initial discussion. The treatment is particularly suitable for stress-induced illness and postural misalignment. It is also effective in turning around negative stress or injury cycles.

As part of the treatment, simple stress avoidance and management techniques can be discussed that with practice can transform your life.

Alternatively it can be used as a regular maintenance treatment if you simply need help whilst managing a busy schedule.  It can also be used to energise you when you are run-down or give you an emotional boost with a luxurious treat of nurturing touch.

Treatments are with hypo-allergenic base oil applied to the skin and are available over 60 and 90 minutes.

Conditions that can be helped by


  1. Bullet Back pain, sciatica, spinal problems and whiplash injuries.

  2. Bullet Headaches and migraines.

  3. Bullet Joint problems, such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee injuries, etc.

  4. Bullet Temporo-mandibular joint problems and jaw disorders.

  5. Bullet Stress-related conditions.

  6. BulletTiredness and exhaustion including chronic fatigue and M.E.