Thank you very much for sharing your time, talent and expertise with me on Sunday. You clearly have a healing gift. I had no idea what an incredibly intense session it was going to be; however, I can honestly say that even though I was a bit overwhelmed by the emotional reaction I had, the physical and emotional impact has already been quite noticeable and profound.

I feel a bit sore but much lighter and in less pain than I have in a very long time. I feel such relief in my neck and in my right shoulder. Thank you for helping me to let go and reassuring me that I was safe to do so. It was a new experience for me.

Ms E P  35

The massage treatment was to help me through a very stressful time. It brought welcome relief from the tiredness of being continually tense. I slept better, felt better and friends said that I looked better too.


Gradually through the Intuitive touch therapy that Keir had developed,  the focus lead back from the physical to the causes of internal stresses. Seeing how these were related to ideas that I held was a bit of a revelation. Ultimately it is this understanding that has become a tool for my own continuing self healing.


Keir is a talented and innovative therapist and I have no qualms in recommending him. 

Mrs C F 66

A few weeks before I saw you I started to kind of ask myself, “Why my Ovary? Why a Cyst there? Why now? What is this telling me?” I was not able to answer any of these questions with such truth until our session.

With the questions you asked me at the beginning, I felt I understood 30 years of my life right there, within 5 minutes. I had started this inner healing journey a few months ago, creating the inner space and opening my heart which surely enabled such energy flow during our session, but it is so clear to me that there is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ our session.

I saw that I let go of perceptions I was unconsciously holding on to, and the impact was at a mind, heart and body level. I got in touch with my intuitive being, I accepted myself as I am, I was born again, I became a fresh new woman.

The time right after the session was amazing, i was SO alive, so happy, so pure, so like a child, staring at and getting surprised by everything, walking on the streets with big eyes, and a huge smile that did not leave me for several days. I was living in wonderland and being my most pure me.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the space and safety to open up and hear myself, and more than that, to enable me to accept and love myself unconditionally right there. 

Again, thank you so much. In a banal comparison, it would have taken me ages of psychotherapy to get to where I got with your help. The impact of your therapy at a body and heart level however, are not possible to compare! You have such a big heart and so much healing energy... I salute you for that.

Ms D M  31

Cranio-sacral therapy has allowed me to reach, to reconnect and to heal parts of myself on a level far beyond intellectual understanding and expectations. Keir’s ability to combine his extraordinary healing skills with his ability to listen  and respond with gentleness and empathy and create a space that is safe, accepting, and compassionate - a place where I was able to free myself from the fears, resentment and all energies which longed to be freed for some time as well as those which longed to reconnect and act as one..

At the first meeting I did not know what to expect from the treatment, as I came after my daughters accident, during which I experienced a great shock. I was not aware that I was overcoming emotional pain, anger and at the same time feeling love and compassion.

I felt that I was operating from a false self - a self desperately seeking meaning and comfort, but unable to find any lasting peace and unable to truly connect with myself or anyone. I constantly pushed myself to do more, be more, have more in an attempt to find what I was looking for. I also was not aware that there were parts of me such as male and female working within me separately, and therefore causing a conflict within myself, whilst also producing external problems.

After Cranio-sacral therapy, I experienced a journey to reconnection, reunion, a literal body and soul transformation. I believe that when the time is right, we are all offered a supportive, practical space in which to do it - the place that is just right for us. For me, that space has been provided in Cranio Sacral therapy and I am very grateful for this to Keir.


Ms J S  32


Keir's generous spirit and unfailing patience create an infinitely safe space that has allowed me to learn how to find a deeper connection with myself than I've ever had before.

His genuine honesty, assured strength and grounded advice is giving me the confidence to listen to the parts of myself that I've wanted to hear for years but have kept hidden.

Regardless of what may be going on in the outside world, Keir's treatment room is the most welcoming place to spend time truly in my own company and reclaim the full extent of my power.

For all of this I will be forever grateful.


Ms K A-K  37

I am pleased to record some of the benefits I have received from Keir’s treatment by CranioSacral therapy, dealing with the after effects of a severe jolting my body experienced from being knocked down by a car and the stress this produced.

It has been a gradual process, much preferable to a quick fix, and the tension has been greatly reduced. I am now much more in control of my balance and can straighten up without pain from bending down.

In addition my digestive problems have been corrected and my eyesight has improved on the side affected. I am becoming more able to do everyday tasks without becoming exhausted.

I can without hesitation recommend CranioSacral therapy by the skillful hands of Keir Howeld who has given this client positive guidance towards recovery.

Miss W B 89


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